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Anke Ryba

Images with incredible depth.

When a point becomes a line and the lines are transformed into surfaces, flat and spatial emphases emerge under the hands of the artist Anke Ryba in an abstract, inimitable warmth that fascinates all spectators. Then there are still colorful and expressive canvases, some of which are partly realistic in an unspeakable variety that you need some time to grasp all that can be seen in front of you.

His playful handling of sophisticated technology and obvious ease in handling his ideas for images give his works an individual signature. However, continuity determines his work. The strengths of Anke Ryba are reflected in the multiple implementations of the images and in the courageous exposures of the chosen subject on its image carrier. On their mostly large-format canvases we find acrylic, oil colors, mordant, bitumen, stucco and ink, often all side by side or intertwined, in grand style and then again with open and abstract gestures.



I get lost in colors and imagination, the language of art makes me think without limits.

Anke Ryba makes her dreams come true in her unique atelier "The Art Workshop" in Sulz-Mühlheim in the beautiful Neckar Valley, a successful mix of studio and gallery, craftsmanship and affairs of the heart. There he deals with commissioned works, with many experimental studies or creates extremely expressive chromatic dynamics under the eyes of his mentor Dietmar Wölfl. Anke Ryba's work impresses with its solid composition and skilled craftsmanship of technology.


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