Contemporary artists

Barbara Nejrotti

TITLE: Il Nido

TECHNIQUE: Sewing on canvas

TYPE: Unique work

DIMENSIONS: 50cm x 50cm

YEAR: 2020

TITLE: Alliterazione

TECHNIQUE: Sewing on canvas

TYPOLOGY: Unique work

DIMENSIONS: 30cm x 30cm

YEAR: 2021

TITLE: Connections

TECHNIQUE: Sewn on canvas

TYPOLOGY: Unique work

DIMENSIONS: 50cm x 50cm

YEAR: 2021

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The Author

"Often beauty is in rarefaction and style is a matter of subtraction, pushing itself to the limit of what is possible, when there is nothing left to take away and instead an added thing is too much."

Barbara Nejrotti was born in Turin and after years dedicated to experimentation, in 2014 she found her expressive dimension by blending together different techniques, from woodworking to sewing, from painting to cutting. With her, the "Thickness Technique" of which she holds the copyright was born.

Figures drawn on the canvas that take shape, filling their empty absence thanks to contents sewn between the canvases. Both conceptually and physically, Nejrotti sutures his figures in such a way that they maintain depth in the texture of his works.

Analyzing her artistic process, it can now be said that each of her works marks a stage in an interiorizing projection set in the search for herself, with the intent of seeking harmony and achieving a synthesis between opposite sensations, entrusting only the needle with the task of marking different moments of life, each of which is connected to emotions, suggestions and sentimental vibrations.



"Telling the meaning of one's existence by highlighting entire chapters of life although these are summarized in concepts, or tracing stories along the lines of a so-called canvas, and therefore of a plot written in some cases deliberately barely mentioned, is the "thread" of the art by Barbara Nejrotti."

She made her debut in Turin with the solo show curated by Ermanno Tedeschi. Collaborate with several Galleries. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad (including in 2017 at the European Parliament in Brussels and in 2018 at the Chagall House in Tel Aviv). In 2020, after meeting with master Leonardo Mosso, he moves from gestural to informal. He exhibits in numerous Italian and foreign museums. His works are found in public and private collections. Lives and works in Turin.


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