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Giuseppe Inglese

The theme of what we are always remains central to all my research and life experiences.

Giuseppe Inglese was born in Rivoli in 1978 and is currently residing in Settimo Torinese. He lived and studied in Turin where, in 1998, he enrolled at the University of Turin and undertook a bachelor of Philosophy. During his time spent at university, he focused mainly on themes concerning the ego, the world and its reciprocal relations, analysed on a psychological, sociological and philosophical level, which brought about a deeper knowledge of the sense of reality.

By directing his attention towards the deep study of Freud­Jung’s psycho­analytical theories and combining them with the latest studies in cognitive psychology, he was able to analyse the bond that exists between thought – interpreted as the experienced conscious and subconscious – and human reactions on an emotional and behavioural level. Attending Professor Rocco Quaglia’s courses on child drawing which dealt with graphical­analytical matters, a deep understanding was achieved regarding the connection between the profound ego, graphic signs and colour.


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The figure-background relationship, the fullness of being, its materiality, the fragmentation of the world, the bewilderment and fatigue of living and relating to the other

As a result of his time spent at university, attending courses held by both Prof. Giovanni Vattimo and Mauro Ferraris, he was able to enhance his knowledge on the subject of the aesthetic, leading back to its etymologic meaning of “science of the sensory perception”, of the external world as “incorrigible”, of the link between conceptual schemes and emotional experience, and between experience and mnemic imprint.


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