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Michele Volpicella

Art and mathematics, creativity and rationality.

Michele Volpicella was born in Bari in 1955. He deepened his artistic training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari.

He trained artistically at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, he attended the lessons of both Hector Saunier, director of the Atelier Contrepoint de Paris (ex Atelier 17) and of Master Zhang Huinan, as for water-color technique and Chinese Calligraphy. Defined by the critics as having a strong and vivid sense of color. His paintings tend to detach themselves from the traditional figuration, acquiring particular value as for the colors and for the sceneries rich of Nordic echoes wrapped by a silent and suspended mood, almost metaphysical.

Perceptible urban landscapes, landscapes to be protected and to be built in the city center, in the historical neighborhoods and in the suburbs. Fifty years after la “Carta di Gubbio” we don’t have to be unaware of the essential composition of urban landscapes, made of stones and physicality as well as of human beings which stand for Society.

Starting from 2018, he has begun a series of artistic events which aim at the achievement of the Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 project, entitled “From Bricksburg to Matera…passing through Milan” edited by Avangart – Nicolò Giovine and Sebastiano Pepe. It will be the third itinerant event in cooperation with LEGO, opened with the setting up of Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel’s halls and a devoted area of Molfetta Puglia Outlet Village and that will involve also Milan. He has took part in the realization of the screenplay of the movie and Tv series, produced by HBO and Wildside, “The Genius friend”  taken from the best seller of Elena Ferrante.



"Art is a lie that allows us to recognize the truth."

Described by critics as a subject endowed with realistic and marked chromatic sensitivity, for which his canvases tend to detach themselves from the usual figuration, acquiring value in the colors as in the same scripts rich in Nordic echoes, wrapped and suspended in a silent atmosphere that we could define metaphysics . It is present in public and private collections.


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