Artisti contemporanei

Mr. Brainwash

An irreverent deformation of copyrighted "brainwashing" material.

Mr. Brainwash rocked the art world with his innovative and fearless style.  He uses elements from popart’s past and the raw components of his street art beginnings to create larger-than-life exhibitions and collaborations. Mr. Brainwash’s imaginative construction of gallery exhibitions and art shows throughout the world has continued to attract the attention of critics and celebrities alike. Navigating between worlds of film, celebrity culture, music, and sports, Mr. Brainwashhas designed album covers for Madonna, Rick Ross, and KYGO.

His artwork was featured in films and television productions such as Molly’s Game, Billions, Shameless, and the Kardashians. Mr. Brainwash’s talents are showcased in creative partnerships with powerhouse brands like Hublot, Coca Cola, and Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee.  He also collaborated with world known soccer player Pelé, who joined the artist in splattering paint on select artwork.While undertaking worldwide solo exhibitions and residency at Art Basel each year, Mr. Brainwash creates opportunities to engage the public in the world of art.


It's all brainwashing, so I would take any kind of brand and distort it.

Navigating the worlds of film, celebrity culture, music and sports, Mr. Brainwash has designed album covers for Madonna, Rick Ross and KYGO. His works have been featured in film and television productions such as Molly's Game, Billions, Shameless and the Kardashians. Mr. Brainwash's talents are shown in creative partnerships with powerful brands like Hublot, Coca Cola and Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee. He also collaborated with world-famous footballer Pele, who joined the artist in paint splatters on the selected artwork.

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