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Omar Galliani

The Author

"The history of art generates the history of art. It is an "oxymoron" that bites its own tail."

He was born in 1954 in Montecchio Emilia, where he lives and works, Omar Galliani graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and teaches painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. In 1978 Enrico Crispolti invited him to the Michetti Award with the installation Portrait of a Lady with Unicorn.

In 1979 he was invited by Luciano Francalanci for Italy to the 1st International Triennial of Drawing at the Kunsthalle in Nuremberg where he received the Faber Castell Prize and in the same year Demetrio Paparoni invited him to create a site specific installation, The goddess raised his forehead, in ancient Fonte Aretusa and in the Archaeological Museum of Syracuse.



"I went through the history of art without looking for it because the history already existed in me, the rest did so at the next subway stop or at the gate of the next airport."

I'm tired of repeating my obsessions on the wall, even for today I'm afraid I won't be able to wash my hands and eyes anymore. There is no more light around, or perhaps it is so much that I can no longer see you. You who speak to me in the shadows and try to hide despite the silence and indifference of the world have left your profile on that blue crystal goblet that you asked me to draw every evening.


TITLE: Berenice

TECHNIQUE: Pencil and ink on board

TYPOLOGY: Unique work

DIMENSIONS: 100cm x 100cm

YEAR: 2020

TITLE: Blu Oltremare

TECHNIQUE: Blue crayon on board and pigments.

TYPOLOGY: Unique work

DIMENSIONS: 170cm x 200cm

YEAR: 2002

TITLE: Nuovi Fiori

TECHNIQUE: Pencil and ink on board

TYPOLOGY: Unique work

DIMENSIONS: 100cm x 200cm

YEAR: 2016

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