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Patrizia Casagranda

L'india come punto di partenza. La donna come centro della rappresentazione artistica.

Patrizia Casagranda is a German with Italian roots and is born in Stuttgart, 1979. In 1994 she beeing Thomas Dürr’s student (artist in Stuttgart) for 2 years. She studied at Academy of Arts in Ravensburg and Trier. She is working from 2000 for International Art Center Netherlands. She graduated in designer with award at FH Niederrhein (2002). From 2002 she is art director in Krefeld/Düsseldorf/Venlo. She did book design and collaboration with Günther Uecker and Markus Lüpertz. She is working in Germany, Netherlands and India.

Inspired by the dignity and confidence with which these women face their drastic life reality, Casagranda begins to develop her own artistic language of form, combining these contrasting themes. The artist begins by developing the background using materials, often junk, found by the young women.

These include scraps of jute, paper, cardboard, truck tarps, and textiles. The artist recycles and processes these fragments in various ways. Elements of graffiti, stencil technique, painting and typography are then applied over the background material collage. In this very physical artistic process, compositions are created with up to 15 layers and an eye-catching depth effect.

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"The artist should illuminate something of contemporary society."

Casagranda creates expressive connections through the fusion of collage, painting and graffiti: the complexity he thus obtains in his paintings is fascinating. At first glance, these works seem very illustrative and aesthetic. However, the deceptive use of materials reveals a continuing series of new levels and perspectives; the fragility of the apparently crumbling layers of paint, the laces and fibers that have been incorporated, as well as the impasto brushstrokes in relief merge into a symbiosis of ancient murals from a bygone era with that of contemporary and modern art.

Title: Belief White
Method: Acrylic and collage on wood
Edition: Unique
Height: 110cm
Base: 85cm

Title: Love
Method: Acrylic and collage on wood
Edition: Unique
Height: 120cm
Base: 120cm

Title: Ikonen
Method: Acrylic and collage on wood
Edition: Unique
Height: 90cm
Base: 110cm

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