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Pier Tancredi De-Coll’

The light and the dark as expressions not only chromatic, but metaphors of human restlessness.

Pier Tancredi De-Coll '(Turin, 1959) took his first steps in the studio of the Turin painter Serafino Geninetti, and made his debut as a cartoonist for the newspapers Stampa Sera (1982-1995) and La Stampa (1984-1995). In this capacity he was included among the major representatives of national sports graphics in the HumorCalcio 1993 exhibition With the writer Federico Audisio di Somma (Bancarella Award 2002 with the novel The man who cured with flowers he created the volumes of drawings and poems Il Jazz del torello verde 1984) and Femmes, Donne Elettriche (1986) the latter with the preface by Gianni Versace

He has countless collaborations with various Turin artists and associations and prestigious awards. The book Pura Paint (Gli Ori) edited by Paola Gribaudo with texts by Federico Audisio di Somma was written on this artistic path. In 2018 the City of Arezzo dedicated to him the anthological exhibition "Pier Tancredi De-Coll '" curated by Liletta Fornasari.


Art gallery

"As an activist and revolutionary principle that refuses to immerse itself in things to contemplate by identifying with them, but aims to transform reality according to an internal vision".

On 2 July 2020, the exhibition A world that changes at the Turin Automobile Museum was inaugurated in Turin, with the Artistic Direction of Umberto Palermo and Antonio Perotti, on the occasion of the Premiere of Mole Urbana, Umberto's innovative electric car Palermo, which sees the exhibition of works dedicated to it by 16 international artists including Pier Tancredi De-Coll ', the only one from Turin.


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